21 Day Fast

Jan.9-29th, 2023

Pray the names of God and experience His breakthrough presence in 2023! We are asking God for Salvations, restored marriages and families, physical healings and on earth as it is in heaven in our community and nation! Will you join us?

When you pray the word and names of God, you are praying His words of truth and power into your situations. Expect God to move and transform you as we launch this new year together in prayer!

Ask God what kind of fast you are called to do. Below are 3 different kinds found in the Bible -

1. Partial Fast - Like a Daniel Fast, skip a meal, etc.
2. Non Food Fast - social media, tv, gaming, etc.
3. Complete Fast - Water only (please consult doctor first).

What's important isn't what we don't do during a fast, but intentionally spending time with God daily and inviting Him to transform you. You may get discouraged or physically tired a few days into your fast...we're in this together to grow in Jesus! Don't give up!

Let's Connect!
Let us know your name and we look forward to connecting!